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Cosmetics / Thought leadership for CEO
Asia Pacific & MENA
Social Media Management
Enhance the social media presence of the Vice President / Director of South Asia as thought leader to promote youth entrepreneurship & business mindset.
We launched multiple engagement driven campaigns which leveraged the social image & presence amongst all across social media handles and gave an inside look in the life of the Vice president. Execution of live sessions took place to create awareness about various topics – Business Opportunities at Oriflame, Social Selling, Leadership tips which has proven to be a method of credibility building and has garnered enormous traction along with nearly doubling the followers.
We recorded enormous growth in the last few months and were able to secure a considerable fan base for the client.

We managed to increase the engagement rate of the profile by 19% over Instagram

Secured an increment of about 48% increase in the followers overall since past 2 months.