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Commercial Cleaning Company
Website, Social Media, SEO, Lead gen
Tanziif LLC is UAE’s premiere commercial cleaning company. They tasked us with their website development, social media marketing, email marketing and SEO etc. so that we could deliver quality leads to them on a month on month basis.
We first built an SEO friendly website which quickly indexed our keywords on the top SERP listings and then started leveraging Facebook and Google ads for generating leads for their services. We made use of a full funneled approach tracked using Google Tag manager and analytics. Social media helped us build brand awareness and influencers helped us develop credibility.

They are on the top search rankings for 25 keywords relevant to their services.
We have also brought down their Cost per lead from AED 200 to AED 45 in a span of 1 year. Our SEO work for them has also won an award recently.