Brand Awareness: Why is it important for your business, and how to increase it?

What comes to your mind when you see a red maple leaf 🍁? Even as you read the words red-maple-leaf, your mind instantly recalls Maple Leaf Foods. That is the power of branding! So what branding is exactly 🤔? In simple words, branding is the process of building a strong and positive image of your brand in the minds of your target audience. You can see lots of examples everywhere, like if you see a pair of black mouse ears, you know it’s Disney, if you see a lightning scar, you know it’s Harry Potter, and when you see an apple with a bite taken out of it, you know it’s Apple Inc.
Brands work hard to create a branding that sticks with the audience. Not every brand can become as recognizable as a half-eaten apple, but creating a strong branding will help your customers remember and recognize your brand.Now you may wonder how can help you get your target audience’s recognition. This is an absolutely valid question. After all, how can colors, logos, and fonts help a brand become world-renowned?

👉 How can branding help your brand increase goodwill?

Well, for starters, did you know that, according to a Zendesk survey, 87% of consumers said consistent branding across all online and traditional platforms was important?With this data alone, we can see how important it is to have a cohesive brand identity with a message that resonates with your target audience. When you start designing your brand identity and put effort into making it unique, it automatically puts you ahead of your curve. Moreover, there is no extra cost involved in making your brand more captivating to the audience.

👉 What to consider when creating your brand identity?

Now that you know why branding is important and how it helps your brand, the next question you may have is what factors to consider when creating your brand identity. Again, this is a very important question. Creating a brand identity needs creativity that makes your brand stand out in front of the audience.

Here are seven things you should consider when creating your brand identity:

1. Understanding of your target audience

The most important step when creating a brand identity for your business is knowing who your target audience is. Why is it so important? Well, let’s take the example of one of the biggest brands in the world, Apple Inc. The target audience for the brand is people with enough income to afford a $999 phone. That’s why their branding is luxurious and chic, as it represents class.

2. Strong brand value

Once you know who you are selling to, you must also know what you are selling. It is important to stand out, as the market today is over-saturated with options. So, think about how your product is different from your competitors, and what makes it unique.

3. Make your target audience excited

Marvel End Game is one of the biggest and most anticipated movies of all time. That’s exactly what you need to do for your brand. Make your target audience fall in love with your product and your brand. If you are successful in doing so, you can get customer loyalty.

4. Stay fresh and relevant

Today everything comes with a shelf life. It takes less than a week for something to become cheugy. So, if you want your customers to be loyal to your brand, you need to keep your brand identity fresh and relevant.

5. Consistency

To stay relevant you have to grow with your audience and to grow you have to be consistent. What does ‘being consistent’ really mean? Well, when you buy an Apple product, you know what you are getting. You buy it as a status symbol and for security. So Apple will always be seen as a brand that is a status symbol with great security for its customers. That is what consistency means.

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6. Your brand objective

What does your brand want? Okay, just keep reading. Every brand has an objective, as McDonald’s wants you to be satisfied with their food, and Dove wants every woman to feel beautiful in their skin. Similarly, what does your brand want? This is a very important question that you need to answer to create a strong brand identity.

7. Catchy taglines

Nike’s Just Do It, KFC’s Finger Lickin’ Good- this is what a good tagline is. A good tagline can instantly imprint your brand on your target audiences’ brain. To build a strong brand identity, it is crucial that you have a catchy tagline.
So these are the points you need to focus on to create a strong brand identity. Now the question is, what happens when you have a strong brand identity? What is the next step? The answer is Brand Awareness. Once you have created a strong brand identity, you should start working on improving your brand awareness.
Simply put, brand awareness is a metric that measures how well your brand identity affects your target audience; typically, the impact is positive. Can you list reasons why higher brand awareness is helpful for your business? Let us help you out.

Higher brand awareness:
  • More people know about your brand
  • More sales
  • More profit
  • More recognition

After this small representation, you must understand how crucial it is to improve your brand awareness. So what can you do to increase your brand awareness?

Collaborate with big brands or your competitors to leverage each other’s audience:
  • Collaborate with big brands or your competitors to leverage each other’s audience.
  • Collaborate with influencers to promote your brand to wider audiences.
  • Improve your content marketing plan and use this strategy to share your brand story with your audience, meaning you build an emotional connection with them.
  • Keep your search engine optimization game on point.
  • You should have information about your industry and also about the ongoing trends.

Incorporating these pointers can greatly help you improve your brand awareness and grow your brand. Now that you know the secrets of brand awareness and how you can improve it, are you ready to analyze your brand identity and establish a brand awareness campaign?
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