How to sell your products more effectively on Kijiji

Ever thought about those little pings that keep buzzing throughout the day filling up youSo you want to start your own business and are thinking about starting to sell your products locally (which is a great decision, by the way ✅). However, you are not sure how to do it right. Well, you aren’t alone. Several businesses are facing the same issue: “How to sell locally?” Amazon and eBay are always an option. However, it is quite challenging to target your local customers as these are global companies that market products in their marketplace to a wider audience. r inbox, can actually turn to be a great marketing tool?
Though if you live in Canada, you have another option “Kijiji.” Now you may wonder what this is. Moreover, you can use it to your advantage. Well, to know how you can use Kijiji, you first have to know what Kijiji is.
How to sell your products more effectively on Kijiji

What is Kijiji?

Kijiji is a Canadian website where you can easily exchange products and services. You could even find employment and career possibilities on this website. Now let’s see how you can use Kijiji to optimize your sales. This article is full of tips and tricks that you can use to grow your business.

Tips and tricks to grow your business on Kijiji

Now, let’s focus on the part where you get to sell your products and your bank account makes that lovely cha-ching sound. So, let’s see what you can do to make your Kijiji store customers’ preferred shopping destination.
👉 A picture is worth a thousand words
A picture is worth a thousand words; you must have heard this phrase before. To make your Kijiji store popular among your customers, it is important that the product pictures you upload are of the highest quality. Your product pictures are how someone decides whether they will be moving ahead with the purchase or not. So if you add images of the products from every angle, it will create trust with your customers. If your customers trust you it is more likely that they will buy from you. A good quality product picture can do wonders for your business.
👉 What’s your story
Every brand has a story. Your brand story will help you build an emotional connection with your customer. For example, if you are selling hand-made jewellery in your Kijiji shop, you might share your story about what made you choose this career path, why your jewellery is better than other hand-made jewelry, or how you make it unique. If your customers like your story, they will like what you are selling. It is important to tap into your customer’s emotions if you want to get substantial results.
👉 A banging headline
Your product or service title is the second most important thing that people notice after the pictures. So, to turn a potential customer into a paying customer, it is important that your product or service headlines are catchy and attention-grabbing. A compelling headline will entice readers to click on your advertisement and discover more about your offering.
👉 A solid description
After capturing someone’s interest with your title, you need to maintain their interest with a compelling description. Once you’ve decided what to offer on Kijiji, be sure to include a detailed description of your item as well as a list of all its characteristics and advantages. Don’t forget to state if the product is brand new or used. Adding these details will help a potential customer learn more about your product. Also, if you have a detailed description answering any potential question from the customer’s end, they will be more trusting of your brand.
👉 Make sure your prices are as per market standards
To become a sell-out brand on Kijiji, you must remember to mark your price as per market standards. See how much similar items are selling for by looking at other advertisements. You don’t want to be a brand with overpriced products and risk turning away potential customers, nor do you want to lowball your prices and lose out on sales. So, it is crucial that you be extra careful when you are marking the prices on your products.
👉 Optimize your products using tags
Similar to keywords, tags aid in the visibility of your advertisement. Consider words or phrases that someone may search for while looking for a product similar to yours when you’re labeling your advertisement. For instance, you might use tags like “electronics,” “photo,” or “digital” if you’re selling a camera, or if you are selling handmade paintings, you can use tags like “art”, “homemade art”, “home decor,” etc. These tags help you reach new customers who are in the market for the items you are selling.
👉Analyze your progress
After your advertisement goes live, it’s critical to monitor your progress and find out how many people are seeing it. Kijiji has some excellent tools for tracking the effectiveness of your advertisement, so you can see what is and is not working. This information can drastically impact your next ad, as you now know what your customers are interested in and how you should present your product to get better results.
👉Remember to mention your contact information
It’s crucial that customers be able to contact you if they have any inquiries about any product you’re selling on Kijiji. Make sure it’s simple to find and include your contact information in your advertisement to make it more convenient for the customers to reach you. Also, adding your contact information builds trust among the audience as it adds a human touch to your ads.
👉Be quick and careful while responding to inquiries
Be sure to answer as soon as possible when someone contacts you about your product. This demonstrates your enthusiasm for marketing your products and builds your reputation as a credible seller.
Now that you have your own cheat sheet to refer to when you are selling your product on Kijiji, start selling today as a Kijiji seller. Every platform is different, and it is important to be extra careful when exploring new platforms to launch your business. Kijiji has become significantly more popular in Canada, and now is the perfect time to launch your business on this platform. Although hesitation is absolutely okay, if you think some help from outside can benefit your business’s journey into this new platform, you can always rely on WeBeeSocial.
However, sticking with this cheat sheet is all you need to conquer this new platform and take your business to new heights
All the best.